New European Clinical Study


EVIE-Study Slow Release Insemination Versus Standard Intrauterine Insemination Study (EVIE)


Medical University of Vienna


Reproductive Sciences Ltd


Unpublished Data

172 procedures were performed on 112 women aged under 35 years:

83 had insemination via IUI and 89 using SRI.

The median age of these women was 30.5 years (range 21-34 years) (IQR 28-33 yrs).



Just over 7% of the IUI inseminations resulted in pregnancy, whereas nearly 17% of the SRI treatment resulted in pregnancy (RR=2.33).

The one-tailed z-test for RR>1 showed a statistically significant advantage of SRI over IUI (95% CI for RR 0.95 to 5.72; z-statistic= 1.847; one-tailed p=0.032).


Graph showing pregnancy rate of women under 35 in European study.

Statistically significant unpublished data