1992 Research


Cumulative pregnancy rates after four cycles  n=66 (IUI) vs n=60 (SRI)

Age 24 - 36 years.

Muharib et al, 1992 (Slow Release Intrauterine Insemination versus the bolus technique in the treatment of women with cervical mucus hostility; Hum Reprod., vol7, no.2, pp227-229)

The first study of slow release insemination (SRI) was carried out by Muharib, Gadir and Shaw at the Royal Free Hospital, London, (1992).

In this study SRI was carried out over a period of three hours, with the patient supine using a Graseby MS16 syringe pump.

13 pregnancies were achieved from 66 cycles of IUI and 60 cycles of SRI.

SRI (9) =  PR 15%

IUI (4)  =  PR 6.1%

SRI  cumulative PR after four cycles = 63.1%

IUI   cumulative PR after four cycles = 22%

SRI relative risk of pregnancy = 2.87 compared with IUI

Reported p=<0.05