What is EVIE Slow Release Insemination?

If IUI has been recommended as a suitable treatment, there is an exciting new alternative called EVIE. This is a unique slow-release insemination method (SRI) which has been shown to increase pregnancy success rate whilst maintaining all the advantages of conventional IUI.

How Does EVIE Work?

In natural conception, sperm is released gradually into the uterus which then migrates to the fallopian tubes over several hours. This is in contrast to conventional IUI which rapidly propels sperm solution into the uterus. EVIE slowly releases sperm into the uterus over four hours, which maximises the opportunity for sperm to meet the egg and also potentially minimises an immunological response.


  • Enhanced conception rates compared with standard IUI
  • Minimally invasive
  • High patient acceptability
  • Slow release method simulates natural conception mechanism