What is EVIE?

EVIE is a unique small and disposable device which utilises a slow-release sperm insemination method to replace standard intrauterine insemination. This method has been shown to increase pregnancy success rates compared with standard IUI whilst maintaining all its advantages.

The EVIE system consists of a a pump with a timer, a special balloon catheter that is inserted into the uterus, an insemination syringe and a strap which attaches the device to the thigh. The pump slowly releases sperm into the uterus over 4 hours, during which time the patient can continue normal activities. Whilst the treatment must be carried out by a medically qualified person, the patient can leave the clinic straightaway once it is in situ. The device can be removed and disposed of by the patient after the 4-hour treatment.

The EVIE kit and procedure have the appropriate regulatory approvals for sale in the EU and the USA.