Prior to the visit

What to wear?

When you leave the clinic the EVIE device will be strapped to your right thigh.  Whilst it is small and discreet, it may be visible and uncomfortable if clothes are tight fitting.  We recommend a loose skirt or dress that is at least knee length and, so as to avoid discomfort with the catheter, larger and looser style briefs are advisable.   Tights should be avoided.  

Do I need an empty bladder and bowel?

We recommend, in the interest of your comfort, that you visit the bathroom prior to having your EVIE device fitted.

During the visit

How long will I be at the clinic?

As each clinic varies, it’s best to ask your clinic staff about when you’ll need to arrive and when you’ll be ready to leave.  As a guide, by the time you arrive the sperm (whether from your partner or a donor) will have been prepared in readiness for your treatment.  Sperm preparation can take around an hour.  Your actual procedure will take around 15 minutes.

What can I expect during the procedure?

EVIE is similar to a regular IUI procedure and is a less invasive than other fertility treatments such as IVF and ICSI.  The process is similar to that encountered at other routine examinations, such as a smear.  A thin catheter is placed into the uterus.  This is generally a simple and quick process.  As with similar procedures, you may experience mild cramping.  Your Fertility Specialist may suggest that you take mild pain relief to minimise this.  Once the device is in place, the Fertility Specialist will note the “Start Time” and “End Time” and will talk you through the simple process of removing the device after four hours.  You will be given a copy of the start and end times and instructions for removal, as a reminder.

After the visit

The procedure with EVIE is simple, quick and convenient and enables you to leave the clinic soon after your EVIE device is in place and activated.  

What should I do for the next four hours?

Whilst you are free to drive and walk around, we recommend that you relax in a comfortable position for the duration of the four hour treatment.  You should try to avoid sudden vigorous movement of the device or catheter whilst the EVIE process is in progress.  You can visit the bathroom but we recommend that, in order to minimise any risk of infection, you avoid bowel movements, if at all possible. Physical exercise and intercourse should be avoided until the device has been removed. 

How do I remove the device? 

The Fertility Specialist will have described the process to you and provided a copy of the “Instructions for Removal”.

1.Once the four hours have elapsed, push Button 2 firmly until it moves inward.  Make sure the button remains depressed for a few seconds, or press several times.  By pressing this button you are ensuring that all of the sperm is used.

2.Important – open the stopcock on the catheter to deflate the balloon on end of the catheter.  Removing the catheter with the balloon inflated may cause pain.  A small amount of fluid previously used to inflate the balloon will be released.  This is nothing to worry about and should not be confused with sperm. 

3.Slowly and gently withdraw the catheter.

4.Once you have removed the catheter you can release the leg strap and remove the device.

5.Place the entire device, including the catheter and leg strap, in the disposal bag supplied and discard in the normal household waste.  The device and catheter should not be put with waste for recycling.

In the unlikely event you do experience any issues during use or removal of your EVIE device, you should contact the Fertility Specialist at the the clinic for advice.

Will I notice any side effects afterwards?

Any side effects are likely to be very minor. These may include spotting and mild cramping. There is a very small risk of infection following any procedure of this nature. If you notice any bleeding (other than spotting) or if you feel unwell, you should telephone the clinic for advice.


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