If Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a suitable treatment for a patient, there is an exciting alternative treatment called EVIE.  EVIE is a slow release insemination (SRI)  method.  In clinical trials SRI more than doubles the pregnancy success rate compared to standard IUI (in the under 35 category), whilst retaining all the advantages of a low cost, less invasive, first line treatment option (compared to more complex procedures such as IVF).

How does SRI Improve Success Rates?

In natural conception, sperm is released gradually in to the uterus which then migrates to the fallopian tubes over several hours.  In contrast, standard IUI rapidly propels the sperm solution into the uterus.  EVIE mimics nature by slowly and gently releasing the sperm in to the uterus over four hours, maximising the opportunity for the sperm to meet the egg.

This gentle and gradual process also helps to reduce sperm from being expelled in to the pelvic cavity via the fallopian tubes.  In addition, the balloon catheter also prevents the loss of sperm back into the vagina.  SRI also avoids the risk of possible polyspermia (when the ovum has been fertilised by more than one sperm, which leads to a non viable zygote).  This may occur because of stronger sperm competition with bolus IUI as the sperm are too efficient at reaching and fertilizing the ovum.  Finally, SRI avoids the risk of triggering an immune reaction.



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